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Hotel Introduction

Be Ore, Be YourselfBetween the sun and the moon, and pure emotional dialogueRendering between water and mountain, releasing in simplicity and warmthGet along with yourself at a pace you like

Hotel Address:No. 196, Zhongshan Rd., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555009, Taiwan.

Room Introduction

Park Tour by the Sun Moon LakeWhat remains is the essence of the heart and the original touch in the journeyBeore Residence, the sense of privacy like entering a cave is a spatial form formed by the essence of materialsCorner Twin, the dimensional space of chasing wind and shadow, is suitable for girls that travel togetherStandard Double, the quality of living lies in the quality of the purse, the quality of travel lies in the heartDeluxe Double, When you come here, besides resting, you will get more sense of tranquility.Corner Luxury, return to the basics, return to the simple essence

Leisure Facilities

6F Lounge & Leisure Club6F Sky Pool


Proq196 French RestaurantCreate an extraordinary journey of taste buds with the essence of food and local ingredientsThao language, paying homage to the treasured land of "Sun Moon Lake" and creating delicaciesBorn to "Hospitalize the most important travelers who come to the Sun Moon Lake"